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Wendy’s Canada Menu

Are you looking for the most recent Wendy’s Canada Menu? This article will provide you with all the Wendy’s Canada Menu items.

On Wendy’s Canada’s official website, you can find the whole menu and included for each item are prices and photos.

Burgers from Wendy’s are well-known. Wendy’s has served fast food in Canada for more than four decades. Since 1975, they have served fast food throughout Canada.

All menu items, including sandwiches, cheeseburgers, etc…

Here is Wendy’s Canada’s most recent menu…

About Wendy’s Canada Menu

Canada is well-known for its inexpensive, fast food options because of Wendy’s a century-old fast food franchise.

In addition to offering traditional menu items such as fries and chili, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, and poutine the firm also offers some distinctively Canadian choices Also including hamburgers and Frosty milkshakes.

Wendy’s Canada Menu

Wendy’s Menu Prices Canada

Best Selling Items

Food ItemPrice In CAN$Calories
Baconator® ComboCAN$ 13.29(900 – 1,480 Cal)
Dave’s Double ComboCAN$ 12.19(870-1,670 Cal)
Spicy Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$ 11.49(770 – 1,010 Cal)
Dave’s Single ComboCAN$ 10.59(780-1,200 Cals)
Spicy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 7.39(650-1,060 Cals)
PoutineCAN$ 4.39(330/640 Cals)
Baconator®CAN$ 9.29(960 Cal)
Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt (Triple)CAN$ 8.761250 Cals
Dave’s SingleCAN$ 6.49(780-1,200 Cals)
Bacon Deluxe 1/2* Double ComboCAN$ 13.29(920 Cals)

Popular Combos

Food ItemPrice In CAN$Calories
Baconator® ComboCAN$ 13.29(900 – 1,480 Cal)
Dave’s Double ComboCAN$ 12.19(1,020-1,440 Cals)
Spicy Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$ 11.49(770 – 1,010 Cal)
Dave’s Single ComboCAN$ 10.59(780-1,200 Cals)
Bacon Deluxe 1/2* Double ComboCAN$ 13.29(920 Cals)
Son of a Baconator® ComboCAN$ 11.29(840-1,260 Cals)
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club ComboCAN$ 12.59(760 – 1,140 Cal)
3 PC. Classic Chicken Strips ComboCAN$ 11.49(380 Cals)
Classic Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$ 11.49(660-1,080 Cals)
Dave’s Triple ComboCAN$ 13.89(1,310-1,720 Cals)
Bacon Deluxe 3/4* Triple ComboCAN$ 14.99(1220 Cals)


Food ItemPrices In CAN$Calories
Baconator®CAN$ 9.29(960 Cal)
Dave’s SingleCAN$ 6.49(780-1,200 Cals)
Dave’s DoubleCAN$ 8.19(860 Cal)
Son of a Baconator® with CheeseCAN$ 7.19(630 Cal)
Bacon Deluxe 1/4* SingleCAN$ 7.59650 Cals
Double Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 3.79530 Cals
Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 2.69320 Cals
Bacon Deluxe 1/2* DoubleCAN$ 9.29920 Cals
Dave’s TripleCAN$ 9.791,170 Cals
Double StackCAN$ 3.79440 Cals
Cheesy CheddarburgerCAN$ 2.09320 Cals
Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt (Triple)CAN$10.091250 Cals

Freshly Made Salads

Taco Salad
Food ItemPrices In CAN$Calories
Southwest Avocado Chicken SaladCAN$8.79570 Cals
Taco SaladCAN$8.79670 Cals
Apple Pecan Chicken SaladCAN$8.79490 Cals
Grilled Caesar SaladCAN$8.79590 Cals
Side CaesarCAN$2.49400 Cals

Best Quality Choices Menu

Quality Choices

Food ItemPrices In CAN$Calories
5 PC. Chicken NuggetsCAN$ 2.69142 Cals
Small PoutineCAN$ 3.79(330/640 Cals)
Double Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 3.79530 Cals
Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 2.69320 Cals
Double StackCAN$ 3.79440 Cals
Chicken WrapCAN$ 2.69360 Cals
Jr. Cheeseburger DeluxeCAN$ 2.39360 Cals

Wraps & Chicken

Chicken, Wraps & More

Food ItemPrices In CAN$Calories
Spicy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 7.39450 Cals
3 PC. Classic Chicken StripsCAN$ 7.39380 Cals
6 PC. Chicken NuggetsCAN$ 2.69190 Cals
Spicy Asiago Ranch Chicken ClubCAN$ 8.49590 Cals
Classic Chicken SandwichCAN$ 7.39480 Cals
Grilled Chicken WrapCAN$ 2.69290 Cals

Fries And Sides

Fries & Sides

Food ItemPrices In CAN$Calories
Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt Baked PotatoCAN$ 5.09530 Cals
French FriesCAN$ 2.59260 Cals
PoutineCAN$ 4.39640 Cals
Bacon PoutineCAN$ 5.19700 Cals
Chili Cheese FriesCAN$ 3.89520 Cals
Chili Cheese NachosCAN$ 2.39380 Cals
ChiliCAN$ 2.99290 Cals
Side CaesarCAN$ 2.49400 Cals
Plain Baked PotatoCAN$ 2.49270 Cals



Food ItemPrices In CAN$Calories
Classic Chocolate Frosty®CAN$ 2.39200-580 Cals
Vanilla Frosty®CAN$ 2.39190-550 Cals

Wendy’s Drinks Menu


Drink ItemPrices In CAN$Calories
Medium Strawberry LemonadeCAN $3.49390 Cals
Medium Original LemonadeCAN $3.49330 Cals
Medium Coca-Cola®CAN $2.39360 Cals
Medium Coca-Cola® Zero SugarCAN $2.392 Cals
Medium Diet Coke®CAN $2.393 Cals
Medium Sprite®CAN $2.39350 Cals
Medium Barq’s® Root BeerCAN $2.39400 Cals
Nestea®CAN $2.09190 Cals
Medium Strawberry Passion FruitopiaCAN $2.39320 Cals
Dasani® Bottled WaterCAN $2.090 Cals
Large CoffeeCAN $2.094 Cals
Large Original Cold BrewCAN $3.1925 Cals
Large Hot TeaCAN $1.795 Cals
MilkCAN $1.59130 Cals
Chocolate MilkCAN $1.59150 Cals
Honest Kids ® AppleCAN $1.6940 Cals
Simply Orange®CAN $3.19160 Cals
Simply Apple®CAN $3.19150 Cals

Wendy’s Add-Ons Menu

Food ItemPrices In CAN$
Extra BaconCAN$ 1.19
Extra BaconCAN$ 0.79
Extra Cheese SliceCAN$ 0.59

Signature Wendy’s Sauces Menu

Food ItemPrices In CAN$
Poutine SauceCAN$ 0.59
Honey Mustard Bistro Dip SauceCAN$ 0.35
Ranch Dip SauceCAN$ 0.35
MayoCAN$ 0.35
BBQ Dip SauceCAN$ 0.35
Ghost Pepper Ranch Dip SauceCAN$ 0.35
Sour CreamCAN$ 0.35
Plum SauceCAN$ 0.35
MustardCAN$ 0.35

Note: Please note that Wendy’s Canada Menu items and calories in your particular state may vary slightly. calories are provided as a general reference only; please confirm with your local restaurant.

Wendy’s Canada Menu Video

Do They Have Wendys In Canada?

Wendy’s is available in Canada. There are 416 Wendy’s restaurants in Canada as of June 7, 2023. With a total of 215 restaurants, Ontario has the most Wendy’s locations of any province.

This represents about 52% of all Wendy’s locations in Canada. Because of the company’s widespread recognition, Canadians can get Wendy’s fast food in many different locations.

Does Wendy’s In Canada Have Breakfast Now?

Yes, Wendy’s now serves breakfast in Canada. Similar to their burgers, the breakfast menu offers freshly cooked items that don’t sacrifice quality.

Applewood-smoked bacon, Canadian dairy products, and freshly cracked Canadian eggs are now available for breakfast at Wendy’s.

Canadians now have a new way to start their mornings with Wendy’s delectable offerings with the addition of breakfast selections.

What Time Does Wendy’s Breakfast End In Canada?

From 6:30 am to 10:30 am in Canada, participating establishments provide Wendy’s breakfast. This means that during this time period, you may indulge in breakfast dishes from Wendy’s menu.

You can also use the Wendy’s app to place an order ahead of time or have breakfast delivered to your location.

If you intend to go to a Wendy’s restaurant to enjoy their morning menu, just keep in mind the designated breakfast hours.

What Time Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch In Canada?

Wendy’s usually opens around 10:30 a.m. for lunch. and closes at midnight in Canada. This means that they serve lunch from 10:30 a.m. till the restaurant closes at midnight.

Whether you’re craving their juicy burgers, crispy fries, or other lunch options, you can satiate your stomach at Wendy’s during this time period.

Does Wendy’s Canada Have A Veggie Burger?

Yes, Wendy’s Canada now sells a vegetable burger named “The Plantiful.” This plant-based option is available at Wendy’s locations in Canada, providing consumers with a meatless choice.

If you want to build your own plant-based burgers, check Food Monster App recipes like “The Ultimate Grillable Veggie Burger” or “Veggie Burger Patty.” Have fun with your veggie burger experience!

Wendy’s Canada Near Me

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Currently, the largest single-brand restaurant chain and operator is Wendy’s Canada. However, there are a lot of alternatives to them on the market that may readily take their place.

For those who are concerned about their health, Wendy’s Canada Menu is an excellent option because its cuisine is significantly healthier than that of other fast food restaurants.


Wendy’s Canada FAQs

Is Wendys breakfast in Canada?

Wendy’s fresh breakfast doesn’t cut corners, just like our burgers. Canadians can now try it. You can start your day with thick-cut bacon, Canadian dairy and freshly cracked Canadian eggs.

What time does Wendy’s stop serving breakfast Canada?

 Wendy’s Breakfast Menu can be ordered from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

How can I get Wendy’s food delivered?

Every time you become hungry, just a few taps away is Wendy’s, where you can order your favorite Wendy’s dishes either directly or through one of our approved third-party partners, such as SkipTheDishes or Uber Eat.

What is the most expensive item on Wendy’s menu in Canada?

The Bacon Deluxe 3/4 Triple Combination is one of Wendy’s most expensive menu items, costing $CAN 14.99.

Does Wendys Canada have breakfast?

Like our burgers, Wendy’s delicious breakfast doesn’t cut any corners. It’s now the perfect time for Canadians to give it a try. You can start your day with thickly cut bacon, Canadian dairy, and freshly broken Canadian eggs.

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