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Curious about Wendy’s Gluten-Free Menu? Wondering if you can enjoy your favorite fast-food while adhering to a gluten-free diet? You are not alone!

In this guide, We will dive into Wendy’s gluten-free offerings, answering your questions and Providing valuable insights.

From bunless burgers to safe side choices, we’ve got the lowdown on how to savor Wendy’s deliciousness while staying gluten-free.

Stick with us and you will soon have all the info you need to make Your next Wendy’s visit a gluten-free success!

Wendys Gluten Free Menu

What Is Gluten-Free at Wendy’s?

Wendy’s offers several gluten-free choices including bunless burgers, grilled chicken, salads without croutons, baked potatoes, chili, fresh fruit cups and apple slices.

It’s vital to communicate your dietary needs to ensure safe food preparation and to skip dressings or toppings that may contain gluten.

While the menu provides options, individuals with celiac disease should exercise caution due to the risk of cross-contamination during preparation.

Always verify the ingredients and cooking processes at your specific Wendy’s location.

Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu Prices

Customers with celiac illness or gluten allergies have a Variety of economical options on Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu. Depending on the Area, Prices range From $0.99 to $8.49.

Along with some burgers and sandwiches without bread, the Menu offers salads, sides & Gluten Free ketchup, mustard & mayonnaise.

Wendy's Menu
ItemAround Price
Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad (without quinoa)$6.99 – $8.99
Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (without apples)$6.99 – $8.99
Taco Salad (without chili or tortilla chips)$6.99 – $8.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (without bun)$4.79 – $6.99
Homestyle Chicken Fillet (without bun)$4.79 – $6.99
Grilled Chicken Wrap (without wrap)$4.79 – $6.99
Caesar Side Salad (without croutons)$1.79 – $3.99
Garden Side Salad (without croutons)$1.79 – $3.99
French Fries (cooked in a dedicated fryer)$1.99 – $3.49
Baked Potato (plain)$2.49 – $3.49

Wendy’s Gluten-Free Menu

In addition to salads such as Power Mediterranean Chicken & Apple Pecan Chicken, Gluten Free Grilled Chicken or Homestyle Chicken Fillet without the bun & sides like French Fries cooked in a special fryer, Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu also includes taco salads without chili or tortilla chips.

Wendy’s Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Wendy’s offers a Gluten Free Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad on its menu.

Fresh Mixed greens, Grilled chicken, feta cheese, hummus, & a tart balsamic Vinaigrette dressing are all included in this salad.

Also, it has a variety of Mediterranean-inspired toppings, such as red onions, Sliced cucumbers & Grape tomatoes.

Consumers can order this salad completely Gluten Free by omitting the quinoa.

For people with gluten allergies seeking a nutritious meal on the go, the Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad is a delectable & wholesome solution.

Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

Another salad option at Wendys without Gluten is the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.

This Salad is made up of Crisp apple slices, candied walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, grilled chicken, Fresh mixed Greens, & pomegranate vinaigrette dressing.

To make it Gluten Free, customers can ask to have the quinoa removed.

Those seeking a Gluten Free lunch at Wendy’s have a sweet & delicious alternative with the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.

Wendy’s Gluten-Free Menu Taco Salad

Wendys Gluten Free Menu Taco Salad

On Wendy’s Menu, there is a Gluten Free version of the taco salad.

It comes with a bed of crisp mixed greens, Wendy’s famous chili, cheddar cheese crumbles, chopped tomatoes & crisp tortilla strips on top.

For a fully Gluten Free version of this salad, customers with sensitivity to gluten can request it without the chili or tortilla strips.

For those who want a lunch with a Mexican flair but don’t want to worry About gluten, the taco salad is a delightful & satisfying solution.

Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

On the Menu, there is a Gluten Free Version of Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

It includes crisp lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise on a toasted baguette along with a juicy grilled chicken breast.

Consumers with gluten intolerance can request that the sandwich be made completely Gluten Free by leaving away the bun.

For individuals who desire a great and healthy dinner at Wendy’s, a sandwich is a gratifying option. The grilled chicken is a decent dose of protein.

Wendy’s Homestyle Chicken Fillet

Homestyle Chicken Fillet

Another choice on Wendy’s Menu that is free of gluten is the Homestyle Chicken Fillet.

It Comes with a toasted bun, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise along with a crispy, breaded chicken fillet.

Consumers with gluten intolerance can request that the Sandwich be made completely Gluten Free by leaving away the bun.

For those looking for a Wendy’s Meal that is free of gluten, this Sandwich is a traditional & filling choice.

The chicken fillet is a terrific choice for a substantial & healthy lunch because it is also a strong Source of protein.

Wendy’s Grilled Chicken Wrap

Grilled Chicken Wrap

Wendy’s menu item that is Gluten Free is the Grilled Chicken Wrap.

It is a soft flour tortilla encasing grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese and a honey mustard sauce.

Consumers with gluten intolerance can request that the tortilla used for the wrap be Gluten Free.

If you need a gluten-free supper on the fly, this wrap is a practical & delectable choice.

Grilled chicken is a filling & healthy alternative because it is a wonderful source of Protein.

Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu Caesar Side Salad

Wendys Gluten Free Menu Caesar Side Salad

The Caesar Side Salad from Wendy’s, a well-known fast-food business, provides a gluten-free alternative for people with celiac Disease or Gluten intolerance.

This salad is a Fantastic choice for a quick & simple dinner or snack because it Combines a Variety of fresh lettuce, Parmesan Cheese & Caesar dressing.

It’s a better choice than other fast food Options & ideal for people who require a Gluten Free option while on the road.

Wendy’s Garden Side Salad

Garden Side Salad

The fast-food company Wendy’s has a selection of menu selections, including Gluten Free ones.

Wendy’s has a gluten-free garden side salad for people with celiac illness or Gluten intolerance.

Fresh lettuce, cucumbers, grape tomatoes & a mild Vinaigrette dressing are all Mixed into the salad.

It is a Fantastic choice for anyone who wants a more Nutritious supper or a quick snack on the go.

Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu French Fries

Wendys Gluten Free Menu French Fries

Wendy’s, a Well-known fast-food chain, provides Gluten Free French fries to customers Suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

These fries are made from 100% Russet potatoes & cooked in a dedicated fryer to avoid Gluten Contamination.

They are crispy, salty & delicious as a Side or snack. It is great news for Gluten Free dieters looking for gluten-free fast Food options.

Wendy’s Gluten-Free Menu Baked Potato

Baked Potato

Wendy’s, a popular fast-food Chain, offers a Gluten Free baked potato for those with celiac disease or Gluten intolerance.

The Potato is baked in its skin & can be topped with sour cream, chives, or shredded cheese.

It’s a filling and satisfying option that’s also reasonably priced. It’s Ideal for those looking for a Gluten Free option that’s also tasty & Convenient.

Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu Nutrition Facts

Wendys Nutrition Facts
Menu ItemServing SizeCaloriesTotal FatTotal Carbs
Garden Side Salad170g250.5g5g
Caesar Side Salad157g20017g7g
French FriesSmall – 71g, Medium – 117g, Large – 154g220-42011-20g26-62g
Baked Potato315g2700g61g

Wendy’s Gluten Free Allergens Menu

Wendys Ice Cream Menu Allergies

On their online and in-store, Wendy’s lists the allergen Information for each item on their menu. Also, they have a Website specifically for gluten & offer details on the following allergens:








→Tree nuts

Consumers can use this knowledge to make educated Food decisions & stay away from allergens they might be sensitive to.

Although Wendy’s offers Gluten Free choices, it’s crucial to remember that they could be prepared using Gluten Containing components.

In order to ensure that their Food is cooked safely, Wendy’s advises those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity to let the Restaurant personnel know About their dietary needs.

Tips for ordering gluten-free at Wendy’s

Here are some tips for ordering gluten-free at Wendy’s:

  • Be specific about your needs. Let the Cashier know that you have a gluten allergy and need to avoid all gluten-containing ingredients.
  • Ask about cross-contamination. Wendy’s does not have a dedicated gluten-free fryer, so there is a risk of cross-contamination. Ask if the fries are cooked in the same oil as other gluten-containing items. If so, you may want to avoid them.
  • Order bunless burgers. Wendy’s burgers can be ordered without the bun. You can also ask for a lettuce wrap instead of a bun.
  • Ask for fresh condiments. Some Condiments, such as ketchup and mustard, may contain gluten. Ask for fresh condiments to be opened in front of you to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Be aware of hidden gluten. Some ingredients such as malt vinegar and soy sauce, may contain hidden gluten. Ask the cashier about the ingredients in any item you are unsure about.

Sensitivity to Wendy’s Gluten-Free Menu

Sensitivity to Wendys Gluten Free Menu

Delicious Options for Those with Gluten Sensitivities

Wendy’s Offers a Selection of Gluten Free Menu choices for customers who have celiac disease or gluten allergies.

The Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad & Apple Pecan Chicken Salad are two examples of salads that can be ordered with or without specific ingredients.

Moreover, Customers can order gluten-Free versions of the Grilled Chicken Sandwich & Homestyle Chicken Fillet without the bun & a Taco Salad without the chili or tortilla chips.

Moreover, Wendy’s serves French fries cooked in a special fryer as well as gluten-free sides such the Caesar or Garden Side Salad without croutons.

To provide a secure & Satisfying dinner, it’s critical to let the personnel know About any Dietary Requirements.

Tips for a Gluten-Free Dining Experience at Wendy’s

  • Communicate Your Dietary Needs: When placing your order, inform the staff about your gluten-free requirements to ensure precautions are taken.
  • Check Dressings and Sauces: Be cautious with dressings and sauces as they can sometimes contain hidden sources of gluten. Request gluten-free options.
  • Avoid Cross-Contamination: If you have celiac disease, emphasize the importance of preventing cross-contamination during food preparation.

Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu Reviews

⇒The feedback on Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu is overwhelmingly favorable. Consumers like that the fast food restaurant company provides salads, French fries & baked potatoes for those who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance.
⇒The French fries are a particular highlight, according to several customers, as they remain tasty and crispy while being Gluten Free. Others value the simplicity of not having to worry about gluten when grabbing a quick lunch at a Fast Food establishment.
⇒Since that Wendy’s does not have a separate kitchen for preparing gluten-free food, several customers have raised concerns about the possibility of Cross Contamination. Hence, it’s crucial for patrons to let the staff know about their dietary requirements & to be cautious when ordering.
⇒Customers appreciate the effort made to provide secure & delectable options & Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu Generally offers a simple option for individuals following a Gluten Free diet.

Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu Details

Wendys Menu Details

For People who suffer from Celiac disease or Gluten intolerance, Wendy’s, a well-known fast food restaurant, Provides a selection of gluten-free options. The following Menu items at Wendy’s are free of gluten:

  • Salad in the garden
  • Romaine Side Salad
  • fried potatoes (cooked in a dedicated fryer)
  • Potatoes baked

Although these products don’t contain Gluten, during preparation they could come into touch with Gluten containing Substances.

In order to ensure that their food is cooked safely, Wendy’s advises those who have celiac disease or Gluten sensitivity to let the restaurant personnel Know about their Dietary needs.

On their website, Wendy’s also offers allergen information, including details on gluten & other common allergens. Customers can use this information to make knowledgeable meal selections.

Does Wendy’s Have Gluten-free Options?

Although Wendy’s does not formally provide gluten-free options, a few menu items are thought to be largely acceptable for those who have gluten sensitivity.

These include soft drinks, baked potatoes, chili, bunless burgers (without the bun), chocolate and vanilla Frostys, apple and pecan salads (without chicken) and soft drinks.

To ensure that cross-contamination is minimized, it is crucial to use caution and let the personnel know about any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Customers with gluten sensitivities should enquire about ingredients and handling procedures to make educated decisions when dining at Wendy’s because gluten-free alternatives may vary by location and preparation methods.

Do Wendy’s Fries Have Gluten?

The Natural Cut Fries from Wendy’s are regarded as gluten-free. Cross-contamination during the frying process is a possibility though.

There may be traces of gluten on the fries because they may have been cooked in the same oil as other foods that contain gluten.

It’s crucial to use caution when ingesting any food at Wendy’s or other restaurants if you have celiac disease or gluten allergies.

By letting the staff know about your dietary needs, they may take extra care to reduce the chance of cross-contamination and make sure you have a safer dining experience.

Is Wendy’s Cheeseburger Gluten-Free?

A Wendy’s Dave’s Cheeseburger without the bun might be considered gluten-free. But in order to prevent cross-contamination, it’s imperative to cook carefully.

Due to the shared grill where the burgers are cooked, there is a greater risk of cross-contamination with gluten-containing meals, according to Wendy’s website.

Do Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets Have Gluten?

That’s accurate. A gluten-free diet does not allow for the consumption of Wendy’s chicken nuggets. The breading on chicken nuggets is made from wheat flour which includes gluten.

People with celiac disease or gluten intolerance shouldn’t eat Wendy’s Chicken nuggets to prevent any adverse reactions.

To ensure a secure and comfortable dining experience, it is crucial to exercise caution While ordering meals at restaurants and to constantly check for potential sources of gluten in menu items.

Wendy’s Hours

Wendy’s Hours
Monday06:30 am – 01:00 am
Tuesday06:30 am – 01:00 am
Wednesday06:30 am – 01:00 am
Thursday06:30 am – 01:00 am
Friday06:30 am – 01:00 am
Saturday06:30 am – 01:00 am
Sunday06:30 am – 01:00 am

Wendy’s Near Me Location

Wendy’s Customer Service

Wendy’s Customer Service
  • Wendy’s Contact Number: 1.888.624.8140
  • Wendy’s Email Address: customercare@wendys

Wendy’s Social Media & Important Links

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Social Media Links

Social Media Links
Wendy’s Facebookfacebook.com/wendys
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Wendy’s Discorddiscord.com/wendys
Wendy’s Oculusoculus.com/wendys

 Important Links

 Important Links
Wendy’s Official Websitewendys.com
Gift Cardwendys.wgiftcard.com

FAQs About Wendy’s Gluten Free Menu

FAQs About Wendys Menu

🏑What Wendy’s menu items are gluten-free?

The Garden Side Salad, Caesar Side Salad, French Fries (fried in a special fryer), and Baked Potato are just a few of Wendy’s gluten-free menu items.

🏑Are the French fries at Wendy’s gluten-free?

Because they are manufactured exclusively from Russet potatoes & cooked in a separate fryer to prevent Cross Contamination, Wendy’s French Fries are indeed Gluten Free.

🏑Is Wendy’s chili free of gluten?

Regrettably, Wendy’s chili contains wheat in the form of modified food starch, thus it is not Gluten Free.

🏑How can I be sure my Wendy’s order is free of gluten?

Wendy’s advises patrons to let the staff know about their dietary requirements & inquire about the restaurant’s Gluten Free Menu alternatives.

Information on allergens & the dangers of cross-contamination can also be obtained from the staff.

🏑Does Wendy’s list the ingredients of each item on its menu?

Yes 🙂, Wendy’s offers information about allergens, including details on Gluten & other common allergens, both online & in-store. Consumers can utilize this Knowledge to make educated food decisions.

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