Wendy’s Secret Menu With Prices


Are you a big fan of Wendy’s fries and burgers? Did you have the knowledge that Wendy’s Secret Menu With Prices?

Yes there are some items that aren’t available on the menus that you’re used to however, you are able to purchase the items.

This article will go over Wendy’s Secret Menu and show you the price so that you can test something new at your next visit.

Everything from Grand Slam Burger to the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes on Wendy’s secret menu. Let’s dive in and find out the things Wendy’s offers beyond the usual menu.

Wendy's Secret Menu With Prices

Wendy’s Secret Menu Items

  1. The Barnyard Burger
  2. Jurrasic Burger
  3. The Grand Slam Burger
  4. Asiago Beef Burger
  5. Wendy’s Foie Gras Burger
  6. Big Bacon Classic
  7. Frosty Float
  8. Quadruple Baconator

Wendy’s The Barnyard Burger

Wendy's The Barnyard Burger

It’s true that the Barnyard Burger from Wendys secret menu isn’t really an undiscovered secret anymore. Although Wendy’s does not serve this delicious hamburger, this menu trick lets you make your choice of burger anytime you’d like to.

The fact that the Barnyard Burger has several layers is certainly one of the reasons people love this Burger. In Actuality, it includes a layer of bacon and a layer of cheese followed by the beef layer and a one of the cheese.

If You Want to make the burger on your own must know the exact ingredients. They are the following ingredients: beef patties adobo chicken patty lettuce, tomatoes crisp bacon buns and crispy bacon.

You can order the popular Asiago Ranch Chicken Club and add a beef patty and bacon. While some don’t like the idea of combining different kinds of meats in a Burger, we think it’s worth a try.

If you’re thinking that something does not taste right, then remove the bacon.

➥ Here is the nutrition information for The Barnyard Burger from Wendy’s:

Calories 740
Total Fat 47 grams
Protein 41 grams

Wendy’s The Grand Slam Burger

Wendy's The Grand Slam Burger

The Grand Slam Burger is one of the most requested items from Wendy’s menu secret. It’s comprised of the four patties of beef, 2 pieces cheese as well as lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

While it’s definitely a filling and tasty burger, you should be aware that it’s high in fat, calories and sodium.

As you will observe it, as you can see, the Grand Slam Burger packs a significant amount of fat and calories and is therefore not recommended to eat it regularly.

If you choose to take a bite of this burger you should only enjoy it for a treat and make sure to balance it with healthy choices for food all day.

Keep in mind that Wendy’s also offers a selection of healthier choices on their menus which include salads, sandwiches made of grilled chicken as well as baked potato.

So, if you’re looking to reduce your calories or searching for healthier alternatives there’s no shortage of tasty options available at Wendy’s.

➥ Here is the nutrition information for The Grand Slam Burger from Wendy’s:

Calories 990
Total Fat 69 grams
Protein 56 grams

Wendy’s Asiago Beef Burger

Wendy's Asiago Beef Burger

The Asiago Ranch Chicken Club from Wendy’s is one of my absolute favorite sandwiches.

Crispy fried chicken, bacon as well as lettuce, tomato Asiago cheese, ranch, served with soft bread rolls creates the perfect snack.

You can make this recipe home to make a better version!

➥ Here is the nutrition information for The Asiago Ranch Chicken Club from Wendy’s:

Calories  1,280
Total Fat 86 grams
Protein 85 grams

Wendy’s Foie Gras Burger

Wendy’s Foie Gras Burger

Wendy’s has launched its Foie Gras Burger. But Wendy’s latest luxury fast-food menu isn’t available in America You’ll need to fly to the luxurious Tokyo market of Omotesando to taste their latest cuisine.

The standard square beef patties remain available, however they’re joined by foie gras burgers that are priced at 128 yen ($16) and avocado and wasabi hamburgers (820 yen) along with grilling chicken with porcini and truffle sauce (920 yen).

Wendy’s hopes that its new menu with its exotic flavors will attract the sophisticated Japanese taste buds.

➥ Here is the nutrition information for The Foie Gras Burger from Wendy’s:

Calories 990
Total Fat 69 grams
Protein 56 grams

Wendy’s Big Bacon Classic

Wendy's Big Bacon Classic

The Wendy’s Menu with Prices in Big Bacon Classic is a classic burger with a twist. It’s made with a quarter-pound beef patty, American cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Wendy’s signature sauce, all on a toasted bun.

It’s important to note that the Big Bacon Classic is high in calories, fat, and sodium, so it should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. To make the burger healthier, you could skip the cheese and/or sauce, or order it without the bacon.

➥ Here is the nutrition information for The Big Bacon Classic from Wendy’s:

Calories 670
Total Fat 39 grams
Protein 35 grams

Wendy’s Quadruple Baconator

Wendy's Quadruple Baconator

The Wendy’s quadruple Baconator is one of the most requested items on the secret menu and it’s not difficult to understand the reason.

The burger is packed with beef patties and bacon which makes it an absolute pleasure for anyone who loves meat.

Here’s everything you should learn about Wendy’s Quadruple Baconator, which includes nutritional information and a picture of the delicious Burger.

You can tell, Wendy’s Quadruple Baconator is not for the faint-hearted. It’s high in calories and fat. food item that is best consumed in moderate amounts. However, for those who can manage it this Quadruple Baconator is a tasty treat.

If you’re planning on savoring in the Wendy’s Baconator Quadruple ensure that you keep it in check with healthy alternatives during the course of your day. Like any fast food restaurant it’s recommended to enjoy it in moderate amounts.

➥ Here is the nutrition information for The Quadruple Baconator from Wendy’s:

Calories  1,280
Total Fat 86 grams
Protein 85 grams

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FAQ’s For Wendy’s Secret Menu

FAQ’s For Wendy’s Secret Menu

Q: What is Wendy’s secret menu?

A: Wendy’s Secret Menu is a selection of items that aren’t available on the menus that are regular however, you are able to purchase these items. The items are usually made by employees or customers and have gained enough popularity to warrant a spot on the menu that is secret.

Q: How do I order from Wendy’s secret menu?

A: To order from Wendy’s exclusive menu, just request the item by name or explain it to the worker. It is possible that not all Wendy’s locations will have the ingredients in stock to prepare each special menu item and the ingredients you use may differ.

Q: Are the prices for Wendy’s secret menu items the same as the regular menu items?

A: Prices for the Wendy’s Secret Menu items could differ based on the location and the ingredients that are used. However we’ve listed prices for a few of the most sought-after menu items on the secret menu on our page.

Q: Are Wendy’s secret menu items healthier than the regular menu items?

A: Not necessarily. Certain items from the menu that are not on the menu could have more calories, fat or sodium than regular menu items which is why it’s essential to look up the nutritional information prior to making your purchase. If You’re looking to eat healthier take a look at ordering salads or sandwich made of grilled chicken instead.